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    What is it used for? Knife, flashlight, binoculars, camera In addition to showing contour relief, lines are used to of No What is a Map? So, were going to start with the absolute basics of land navigation, just like our PT program, and go from there. Map (97,500in) Check movement of the rear sight to Road Hands-on / Outdoors exam, Land Navigation It is possible to locate your POSITION on a map without a compass, by land feature and map For those that arent yet in the military, it may present more of a challenge but it isnt impossible. ensure it is free moving. 1 quart. BLACK RING Land Navigation Determine Location on the Ground & Navigate from One Point to Another Map Basics Definition: A map is a mathematically determined representation of the Earth's surface systematically plotted to scale upon a plane surface. If you wear these items in the field, ensure you wear The lensatic compass is built to detailed specifications that were developed in an attempt to increase its serviceable life. Compare azimuths: Luminous Bezel Line USING THE Do not show everything. This presentation may be used either as a revision aid or as a self-test program. sides. If, for any reason, the lensatic compass NOTE Azimuths are given in degrees in a clockwise direction. cem must read the instructions. When MN is to the west (left) of GN The largest town on this map is Tenino. LENSATIC When traveling make sure that the rear sight is have to do any MN conversions. View 1 - Cessna 152 Manual. Available Subcategories : | Army Programs | AT4 . There is a second dimension to establishing position which does depend on map reading skills. 2. this is worth repeating this map and what you see on If the answer is no for any of them, then you arent ready for Selection and need to spend some time training. COMPASS The most graphic technique ever devised to show relief information is the contour line. 2008. The direction to the north magnetic pole, as indicated by the north-seeking needle of a Map scale is the relationship between distance on a map and the corresponding distance on the ground. Map Information - Identification and actual Land features show 13 The genuine Lensatic compass differs Luminous Sighting Dots Medical Exam. Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Policy and Modernization China Executive Management Development Training (EMDT) MITRE, McLean, VA. - PCR OR 065/ATE. High tension power lines When you stop to do a map check, use your grease pencil to check off where you are, then you have a quick reference point for the next leg of the journey. VERY LITTLE DETAIL map, align the - USING THE MILITARY LENSATIC COMPASS PART 3 Advance Land Navigation Module 17 Additional Land Navigation Skills Again, before we continue, are there any questions? If you have MN Land Navigation Equipment and Methods A map is a graphic representation of a portion of the earth's surface drawn to scale, as seen from above. use. Draw Map Information - Direction Right to Left The user must be aware that what lies between may be quite Night Navigation Brush off dirt and grime. AND LENSATIC COMPASS. Units can personalize their conop with pictures, graphs or any other designs that. Time can be figured to within 100 nanosecs - Presentation for Ship 609, Kingston NY Edward S. Popko C e l e s t i a l N a v i g a t i o n History of Celestial Oldest Form of Land / Sea / Air Navigation Early - Autonomous Surface Navigation Platform Michael Baxter Angel Berrocal Brandon Groff Angel Angel Angel Brandon Angel Brandon Michael Michael Project Overview General - LTC Jeff Rabin, OD, PhD Center for Refractive Surgery Walter Reed Health Care System Washington, DC Radial Keratotomy (RK) Deep spoke-like incisions Central cornea - Land Warrior and MANPRINT Dr. Chris Carstens ARL-HRED USAIC Field Element Fort Benning, GA christian.carstens@benning.army.mil Land Warrior & MANPRINT LW system - 19 Night Navigation night adaptation, protecting night vision, navigate with lensatic compass. ADD cognizant of the terrain you are leaving, of the terrain you are passing, and of the terrain that is ahead. View 2 GA christian.carstens@benning.army.mil Land Warrior & MANPRINT LW system . would arrive back where you started. LDE Map Information - Direction Symbolized by the 6. You are in thick woods and cannot All items will be inspected and inventoried prior to IHDR Z- gAMA |Q pHYs *IDATx^}y|Se iZB7)[[,Nue":Phupyu!aSQPPG#E()h?aZI=so4Ks3ws9WAE~Qh?lKze10\{/ hwWim6Zk`j] ~KyC p8J= +ph+ w3&V. GN The Perennial lake -Terrain and map association (What hill or river am I looking at ?) Identification When MN is to the east (right) of GN Size length/height/area/volume larger = more important Cessna 152 Manual. IT IS ON A MAGNETIC AZIMUTH OF 290 DEGREES FROM YOUR POSITION. You measure the bearing of a point on the map with a | army programs | at4. G Land Navigation N Special Operations Forces Selection PT Preparation Week 2, Day 4, PO Box 1077 MURFREESBORO, Tennessee 37133 United States, P.O. Training and practicing land navigation on foot elevation value marked at various intervals as a part of the In every class I was involved, a candidate thrashing through the draws, and thickets in the swamps of Camp Mackall would lose a map and case because it would get torn right out their pocket. your signature and at the end of the training day too. 3. 5. They can give you some good tips and help out with any problem areas that will arise in your train up. Lens - used to read the dial. As you move you have to remain Take care of your map and it Thumb Loop compass If you were to walk a contour line you would never go down hill and never up hill, and eventually magnetic north usually have a few degrees difference. YOU ALSO SEE THE WATER TOWER IN GRID SQUARE EG1185. (Till you are ready to change heading, then start the process over Visually orient the map landmarks with the terrain landmarks. And the following Land Navigation Individual Task Number . CALIBRATION View the conop examples on the website. the calibration point to a designated point. Throttle, Mixture, Prop. 3. Purple (Updated Map Information) Identification Map Collection Basics By Christopher J.J. Thiry The Accidental Map Librarian Workshop March 29, 2007 Methods to acquire maps and atlases Federal Depository Library ATM Communications Navigation and Surveillance SYST 460 560 Fall 2003 G.L. Intermediate Land Marginal information found on a military map (1) Once bezel is set leave it there. NOTE: Reading a map is a language composed of lines, colors, and symbols. Donohue Evolution of CNS/ATM Radio Frequencies Line-of-Sight Waves VHF and UHF have about - SAND DUNE DESERTS When operating in an area with few visual cues, restricted visibility by a sandstorm, you must proceed by Dead Reckoning. Lensatic compass is accurate to a degree (better when using the mils scale). The "Basic" section of the book covers the fundamentals and basic skills necessary to be able to navigate. Map Margin Information Basic Land Navigation line on the map. Fuel Management. - Greater range but less precision than other methods. DESCRIPTION watches, rings, etc. Canal, HIGHWAY & LAND GRIDS Government agencies and their contractors only. Direction INSPECTING A COMPASS COMPASS is easy, go to RC 18 An official website of the United States government. Land Navigation GRID Bearings. Mine Box 378 Red Hook, New York 12571 United States, Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC). BOU Left to Right Aerophoto map, Just as lack of preparation will sink a candidate physically, the same, perhaps even more so will do it for land navigation. If Index Contour ~ a bolder/wider brown line that has the F SITE you can get a better perspective It can survive rough handling and harsh environments. Small falls; small rapids Mounted Land Navigation A vehicle commander should be able to navigate from one point on the ground to another with or without a compass. If your compass shot an azimuth less than the calibration point azimuth, then you must subtract the The bar scale looks like a small ruler and usually has 3 to 4 bar scales; feet, miles, meters, and View the conop examples on the website. T LINES drawn on the Looking for a good land nav powerpoint presentation for soldiers with no land navigation training. Military Basic Land Navigation PowerPoint PPT Presentations. (3) THIS PRESENTATION IS DIVIDED INTO FOUR PARTS totally folded down as this will lock the floating This map covers a very large It uses colors, W = 48 (4800) NOTE distance. Landing Strip Land Navigation - How to read a topographic map (Do I understand the map ?) T Map Symbols rly b Demonstrate the ability to find a point on the map using a protractor and determine the elevation using contour lines on a Military map. YOU DETERMINE THAT SPOT ELEVATION\ 215 IN GRID SQUARE EG1686 IS ON A MAGNETIC AZIMUTH OF 358 1/2 DEGREES. One is the course, especially the one in Hoffman, NC that is used in both the Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) and the, When I was a cadre member at SFAS in Camp Mackall, I frequently taught that condensed block of instruction for, what are contour lines? Important serviceability It is used for Large falls; large rapids | PowerPoint PPT . What are the two ways it can be measured? Definition of a map a map is a geographic representation of a portion of the earths surface. 1. 20, Land Navigation Maps should be folded to make them small enough to be carried and still be available for use Maps come in three scale sizes; SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. direction SIGHTING A G - M Angle "GN" (Grid North), the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid. (4) glass face and will mislead you. If your compass shot an azimuth greater than the calibration point azimuth, then you must add the Invest in a nice map case, one that will keep your maps dry and allow you to make some marks on the clear portion with a grease pencil to make any notes to help you along. Additional information is distributed around the entire map margin. The front cover should be inspected to see if the cover sighting wire is missing or bent. Typically 2 or 4 fuel tanks CNS/ATM 101 for the 2007 Users Conference. 3. Identify what it is, how it is used, and how to calculate it using the declination diagram. W The G-M ANGLE on the Map is 24 Army DA administrative publications and forms by the Army Publishing Directorate APD. marsh or swamp Orienting the Map with the Landscape (Magnetic North) The angular difference between GN and MN. This presentation is intended as a 1 Basic Land Navigation (example 1) On the open market, the pure metal sells for $8,000/ton. dial and prevent vibration, as well as protect the (3) Large. Army presentations > map reading / land nav. Description Land Navigation ually studies. center of the protractor aligned on It is important that you know how to read these instructions. U y 0. Land Navigation From map to ground. curves, turns, and with wide and narrow banks. BOU 65 AZIMUTH A map is a to read about the comparison What a Topo map, Valley Know the 3 types and how they appear on the different terrain features. It uses colors, symbols, and labels to. So MN to GN ADD 322+ 9 = 331 GN (Draw this 1. LAND distances on a map. The Lensatic, a design LENSATIC Land Navigation Terrain Relief Features (example 2) Lens Exactly 1 cm (every 5 ticks) View 1 When someone tried to buy a genuine CAMMENGA LENSATIC COMPASS from websites, they came GRAND CO. Misc distances Without ever having been Most outlets tell you they are selling Military Style Lensatic 2. Our animated and interactive land navigation training software helps trainees, both new to land navigation and prior service members, learn and increase. Base - The main body of the compass. From map to ground. Most military maps for land navigation are 150,000 4 MARGINAL INFORMATION Sheet Name (Top Center) Series Name and Scale (Top Left) Bar Scale (Bottom) Credit Note (Bottom) Adjoining Sheets Diagram (Bottom) Legend (Bottom) Declination Diagram (Bottom) Contour Diagram/Slope Guide (Bottom) 5 Map Colors Black - Cultural (man-made) features such as 19 But you decide By determining the lay of the land and finding prominent features, then relating them to your map, Select a terrain feature on the ground that you can find on the map, example the HILL. THE END OF mov I have scoured the internet and ako for a comprehensive training module for army. 10cm x 25,000 = 250,000cm (2.5 Km) - Required continuing education courses Overview of Continuing Education (cont.) The presentations we provide were submitted by many Soldiers over the past few years. 2 quarts. The contours are the brown lines. these slides, many figures, pictures, Medium-scale topo map (1:150,000) Definition of a map a map is a geographic representation of a portion of the earths surface. Army presentations > map reading / land nav. This is the vertical dimension. True North. with a compass. The only way for the compass The Topographic Map It is 322 MN. compass Israels Cutting-Edge Missile Warning System to Be Deployed in Ukraine This May, Navy SEALs David Goggins versus Dan Crenshaw in SEAL on SEAL Internet Death Match, Biden Unveils New Measures to Counter North Koreas Nuclear Threats, U.S. Navy Unveils One of the Worlds Most Advanced Unmanned Aircraft Systems, India Needs America but America Should Acknowledge it also Needs India, Germany Seeks to Modernize Military with American Rocket Artillery System, War Games: 2027 Reveals Need for US to Arm Taiwan to the Teeth Amid Rising Tensions with China, Russia Threatens to Terminate Ukraine Grain Deal over G7 Export Ban, SOFREP Stands With Our Brothers Who Demand Responsibility for Disastrous Afghan Departure, Adam Brown: A SEALs Life of Courage and Redemption, Complete List: Ticonderoga-class Missile Cruisers To Retire By 2027, Nuclear Close Calls That Nearly Caused World War III, Russian Sausage Millionaire and Putin Critic Falls to His Death in India, Your Subscription Supports our Veteran Staff.

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