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    "headline": "Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps for 2023", My 1hp motor died. "publisher": {
    It requires a 230-volt power supply and uses 2-inch fittings. To find the per-minute rate, divide this number by 60. Many of the large VS pumps are simply too large for most pools, and are better suited for large pools with attached spas and water features, such as the Eco-Star and the IntelliFlo. The hayward ecostar and pentair intelliflo are top shelf, with more speeds available, higher top end flow, and better programming options. Also I have a solar heater on the roof (2 story). In the end, the best variable speed pump will be different for each pool. Next year, 2021, all new pumps are required to be VS, so buy now if you want one! A noisy pump can be an annoyance when youre trying to relax by the pool. "height": "500", 0.1 Buy from an Authorized Online Retailer; 1 Raypak R6450ti-E / Electric. Currently I have Pentair whisperFlo 1.5HP. Whats more, its Energy Star rating might qualify you for energy rebates. what size? Hi Johny, the SuperFlo and the Superpump are both very similar, very Super, lol. The Hayward EcoStar, although Im sure there are many happy owners, I seem to hear about more problems, than the other two I mentioned. Hi Stephanie, you could consider the Hayward Superpump VS model, a few hundred dollars more than the regular Superpump. Your builder can do the calculations to compute the feet of head in the system, and with that number and the Design flow rate for the filter, you can use the VS pump flow curves to choose the most appropriate size pump. Im in Florida and I have a 14,000 gallon pool with a spa and the old pump died. between cleanings, and the cartridges would last much longer, maybe 10 years, between new. In a way, you can think of this number similar to the MPG fuel efficiency in a car or the SEER rating for an air conditioner. Appreciate your thoughts. What do you recommend as the best VS pump coming into 2020? Need to replace my old 1.5hp challenger pump. Thanks! Hi Dave, I have a 10W x 40L (12,000 gallon) Lap Pool with 2 PVC pipe on the suction side and 1-1/2 PVC pipe on the return. My pump will sit approximately 65 away from the pool edge. Lately, the pump has started to get noisy, so Im not sure if replacement is in the future. If you're currently using a single speed pump, our energy savings calculator will help you discover how much money you'll save each year by upgrading to variable speed technology. This troubleshooting guide should give you all the tools and understanding you need to tackle any issue with your Hayward pool pump with confidence! Dual-speed pumps are more expensive than single-speed pumps but offer 50 percent to 70 percent savings on energy costs. It features a powerful 2-horsepower motor capable of handling large pools with a flow rate of up to 5,280 gallons per hour. For the filter, I like the StarClear Plus C1200 120SF, $489, or the Jacuzzi JC150 150 SF for $399, and if you really want to go big, and have cartridges that need cleaning like once per year, and last twice as long, look at the Waterway Crystal Water 325 SF filter for $699. It uses just over 15,000 gallons. The higher the WEF number, the greater the pump's energy efficiency. Also want 10-12 of straight-run PVC pipe coming into front of pump (no 90s). Many of our picks also include skimmer baskets with clear lids to easily check when they are full, programmable speeds, quiet operation volumes, and motors that run cool or cold for long lifespans. This pump is available as a single-speed or more efficient dual-speed model and works with 115- and 230-volt power sources. The enclosed motor also makes this a very quiet pump. I would recommend two inch pipe for both waterfall pump and filter pump, for reduced restriction and energy savings. For using the spa, you will just hit the override button to go full speed on the jets. I also like that the Pentair has the 2 unions. If your pool pump isn't working, you may actually be able to troubleshoot it yourself. Not the biggest, or most powerful. Thank you for all the info you provide. Im looking for efficiency and best user friendly. I thinking of the Hayward TriStar W3SP3206VSP 1.85 HP model. For one that would seem like overkill. For the filter pump, look for something in the 1.65 HP range, like the Pentair Superflo pump. Jacuzzi - JVS270S 2.7THP Variable Speed Pool Pump. "contentUrl": "https://x1.adis.ws/v1/media/graphics/i/lesl/its-logo-wide",
    The filter was just replaced with a large WaterWay filter. Pump Replacement. Nice choice on the filter, so you have two pumps I like the idea of one, maybe you can look at the 1.65 hp VS pumps, I dont think you need the larger flow pumps, with such a small pool, you only need to filter 45 GPM, to keep a 21K pool clear. There is an elevation difference of about 8 to 10 feet and a 50 feet distance between my pool / pump, and the heating / filter system. Filter is a Hayward S244T sand filter, 62 GPM. My pool will be a 16x36 pool that is 5 deep in the middle and 4 on the sides for a sport pool. Davy. Although you may pay significantly more up front for this variable-speed pool pump, youll see that money pumped back to you in energy savings.
    A fountain or a single sheer descent of 18-36 width can work. Im not sure about the Feet Of Head calculation, but even if I had that, im not seeing any pumps for sale with selection criteria that includes any of this. A 3/4 hp Whisperflo pump produces about the same flow rate as a 1.5 hp Superpump. My pool is 20,500 gallon with no spa or heater. Most home appliances use a 115-volt power supply, while larger appliances, such as electric stoves and clothes dryers, demand 230-volt power supplies. You could install a 1-hp Standard Pentair Superflo for $300 less, and also save electricity, as the 2hp you have sounds like overkill, unless you have a spa, or large water features. 20k gallon pool with a Hayward DE filter & Hayward heat pump, no special water features, and 2 plumbing. If you can live without a waste or recirculate setting, consider getting a Slide Valve with the filter, instead of a multiport, to reduce resistance (by a lot), and make the VS pump even more efficient. Both may be too large (?) 1.1 Best Quality Pool Heat Pump. I appreciate any insight you can give me on this! Featuring programmable timers and a totally enclosed motor . You can increase speeds for better filtration when the pool is in use, then program the pump to reduce speed during periods when the pool is inactive. The Intelliflo can also be used, no problem with switching brands! My pool volume is about 60k gallons. So overall HP is 2.2. You will get this model coming with the best features for an electronic pool chlorinator system. As the pump draws in water, a basket filters out hair, lint, and other debris that the poolside skimmer misses. I just want to do it right and I trust your guidance. The Jacuzzi JVS185S Variable Speed Pool Pump delivers quiet and elite energy-efficient performance for your pool and spa. "width": "611",
    There's no need to feel overwhelmed if your Hayward pool pump isn't functioning correctly. This combination results in a heat pump . 2.1.1 Hayward HeatPro (W3HP50HA2) / 50K BTU; 2.2 XtremepowerUS / 53K BTU / Best Pool Heat Pump. The Intelliflo is a nice pump, but for the price, I would save the $500+ and go for the Superflo. You can either replace the bearings (but first have to open the motor to see which bearings are used), or replace the motor and the shaft seal, and be back in business for around $250. The higher-priced, more powerful pumps for larger pools may come with additional features, such as freeze protection or SVRS (safety vacuum release system), which shuts off the pump if a suction blockage is detected. I have a 12x24ft oval pool 42 deep and am looking to replace the sand filter and pump. Lastly would which specific pump would you recommend? What would work for me? My oval semi-above ground pool will be a 18x33 and 54 deep. "url": "https://lesliespool.com/blog/" Single-speed pool pumps only have one speed, so the rate at which it pumps water to and from your pool is fixed. Hi we have a 35,000 gallon pool with 1.5 inch plumbing. Are You Spending Way Too Much to Operate Your Swi Air flow and cool-temperature functionality; extended lifespan, Should not be left out during the winter months, Compatible with a DE pump, sand filter pump, and cartridge filter, May not be as durable as comparable options, Moves up to 4,200 gallons of pool water per hour, Moves over 5,280 gallons of pool water per hour, Compatible with automation systems like Hayward, Pentair, and Zodiac, Energy efficient design; Energy Star-rated. They can be somewhat universal, between manufacturers. Hayward AquaRite Salt Chlorinator. for your pool however? We don't see that many Jacuzzi pumps so its difficult to say if it will be the same as the Hayward. During the off-season when the pump is off, cover the pump and motor to prevent debris from building up on it. The following variable speed pumps earned their spot at the top thanks to their energy efficiency, circulation power, and ease of use. "@type": "ImageObject", Articles and resources for swimming pool owners and DIYers. Thanks heres some more detail related to your response. * Prices are subject to change without notice. "identifier": "" I may only do one sheer descent. What do you think? See our full line up online of a dozen different models to choose from! The next thing to consider relates to the number of possible custom programming settings you can create with different speeds and lengths of time. Now, I havent done any calculations, but I know that sheer descents use a lot of water, especially if you want an unbroken, solid stream. We researched the most sought-after pumps for above and in-ground pools and discovered that the best models are determined by their type, power source, horsepower, energy efficiency, and other special features included by top brands. Looks like your current store isn't near your delivery area. }, Thank you. I am in the process of buying a pool kit that will be installed. Also, the builder said he prefers to do 1.5 PVC because that is what has worked best for him. I like the Waterway Cartridge filter item E4913. It also includes a digital display that allows you to program different speeds throughout the day. We currently have the SuperFlo almost $200 cheaper, so thats the one Id go with. You have to consider the pool gallon size too, and be sure that all of the pool water has cycled thru the filter completely, at least once per day, an 8-hr turnover time is standard (on high speed), but it is the same to have a 16-hr turnover on low/med speeds. Report J jmiller2202 0 Aug 25, 2016 2 Lake Worth Davy, it is so great to finally talk to someone who responds and knows what theyre talking about! Is this the appropriate replacement? Hayward is known for durability, and that shows in this model, with the aluminum housing on the motor and high-grade durable plastic that comprises the pump. Hayward DE3620 is 90 GPM and DE4820 has a 120 GPM design flow rate, for example. What size HP pump do you recommend. 3-HP Intelliflo pumps are best suited for a pool with 2 skimmers, plus attached spa, plus some kind of waterfall or fountain feature, or a larger size of 40K-60K gals. For a sand filter with a matching Design Rate of Flow, you want to look at a 30 to 31 sand filter, such as the Hayward S310S or S310T2, or Pentair TR100C or the TR140 36 tank. A large debris basket means longer periods between pump cleaning, and the strainers lid is transparent, so you can see how much debris has been collected before opening it up. They have to give you the longer warranty to sell pumps. Once you add in the 5% Pool Perks rewards earned from your new pool pump purchase, it really does pay to shop with Leslie's! It could be useful or necessary if you had 3 sheer descents, which use a lot of water it depends on the length, they come in different sizes, (Sheer Descents). If unsure, then a variable speed may be a safe bet, because you will be able to dial-in or increase/decrease the flow to get the right amount of flow, so it looks best. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. I have two skimmers, a bottom drain, 8 returns in pool and another 8 in the spa. Pool is far from equipment. We will have 2 skimmers, 1 return and no main drain. You may not need to use max-speed. If the pump motor has air inlets, make sure they are clear of any debris. To understand the difference in vertical height and distance back to the outlet pipe, look at the pump specs, or the measurement diagrams and compare to the Ecostar. Most inground pools are wired for 230V, and the new pump must be hard-wired to your circuit breaker. }. Please obtain a google maps API key and put it in Site Preferences! Running your pool filter only 6 hours a day versus . I dont want to overdo it or under-power anything. The 56 Frame is available in two types, the more common 56J with a threaded shaft used on most Hayward and Jacuzzi inground pool pumps, and 56C with a keyed shaft, used on older brass pumps by Sta-Rite and Purex. Some pumps will accept both pipe sizes, some will only accept one, and some are sized for larger plumbing setups with 2.5 pipe. This filter must be cleaned regularly, though some pumps include large baskets to extend the time between cleanings. Certain pump models require a separate purchase of a wall-mounting kit, if you choose to go that route. Larger variable speed pumps are often wired with 230V, but certain other VS pumps (including the new Jacuzzi JVS pumps) can accept either 115V or 230V power. Pentair is a large concern and will be around for a while. Pump housing should consist of high-grade plastic that can endure the harsh chemicals found in both chlorine and saltwater swimming pools. The large cartridge filters of 400-500 sq ft or DE filters of 48-60 sq ft or sand filters of 30 diameter can usually handle such speeds. HI Peter, sorry about that! When you cut speed by half, you reduce the amperage use what you pay for on electrical bills by 4x. Circulation pumps pull water through a separate filtration system, treat it with UV . or do i have to use Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP? Variable speed pool pumps have been around for over a decade, and for good reason. Hayward - W3SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual Speed Above Ground Pool Pump w/ Switch, 115V. 2.2.1 A Changing Market . Or the Pentair SD-80, a 26 tank. thanks for sharing this. This pump puts out 1.65 horsepower, making it powerful enough to handle large pools, while its hydraulic design allows for quieter operation than similar-sized pumps. For a reliable pool pump that works with large pools, the single-speed Hayward pool pump has a 1.5-horsepower motor with air flow and cool-temperature functionality for an extended lifespan. This variable-speed pool pump features a programmable interface, which allows you to cycle its variable speeds, so it only runs when you need it. As energy efficiency is important when considering a pool pump, select options on our list are Energy Star-rated and consume less energy than other options on the market. Ive done as much research as I can and wanted your opinion on whether you would go with a Hayward Tristar or changing out to the Pentair 011028 VSP instead, or would you suggest something else entirely. Not sure of filter size, but thats important too, not to exceed the design flow rate of the filter. "url": "https://intheswim.com/",
    Hi, Im currently installing a 1640 free form fiberglass pool called the wellspring by Thursdays pools. Also we are going to heat this pool. I should also say that being variable speed, the larger pump will work fine, if used only at lower speeds, but then, why have a V-8 engine, if you never take it out of third gear? The Tristar will be the closest match to your existing pump dimensions, and will accept 2 pipe. Variable Speed Jacuzzi VS Hayward VS Pentair VS Above Ground Motors Parts Accessories In contrast, traditional single-speed pumps operate at a fixed speed, 3,450 RPM, and can only be turned on or off, which can waste energy and causes higher energy costs. Hi Mike, The Pentair Superflo VS or the Hayward Superpump VS would both be good choices. Is that possible or just best to avoid? Hi Davy, My Hayward filter is a DE4820. Can we replace just the motor and what would you recommend. You could go a year (!) Just wanted to chime in here I have been using a jacuzzi pump as a well pump to water my lawn and garden sometimes for two hours at a time since 1987, about 34 years. Though this model doesnt have the Energy Star rating of Haywards dual-speed models, it still features the brands hydraulic technology that improves efficiency. Hi Mike, something small, such as the Hayward Superpump VS, or the Pentair SuperFlo VS, or the Jacuzzi 160. Plus you will not have to throw away the pump, better for the planet! These power the jets by pulling water through a filter and then pushing it out the jets in our signature 50/50 air-to-water ratio. Hi Betty, you can use the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump, or the IntelliFlo, but you really wont need that much flow, so Id save a few bucks and put on the SuperFlo VS. very useful & informative article. "logo": {
    With a 1640 pool, youll want a 48-60 SF DE filter or a 320-520 SF Cartridge Filter. https://www.intheswim.com/p/hayward-tristar-vs-inground-pool-pump. }, Jacuzzi was bought by Competition pool accesories. What are your thoughts on that? Hi Scott, you are ahead of your time! Or the Pentair Superflo VS, item E2990. I also have a Triton 2 140c commercial grade sand filter. Im look for ideas on pump sand filter and salt setup. I have a large 2040 44,000 Gal pool with a 10 deep well. If yo. wire to the pressure wire connector provided on the pump housing and to all metal parts of swimming pool, spa, or hot tub, and to all electrical equipment, metal piping (except gas piping), and conduit within 5 . "url": "https://i8.amplience.net/i/lesl/LES00004-Leslie's-Logo-Refresh_Final_FullColor_Outlines_Crop" Hi Shane, the 3-HP VS pump sounds about right, it could be a little large, but with the distance to the pool, and the spa, could be correct. Keep in mind that if youre using a single-speed pump, you may want to run it for only about 8 hours per day to avoid exorbitant energy costs. Thanks in advance! "caption": "In The Swim Blog"
    Hi Jan, you can save money by just replacing the motor and shaft seal, and its not any more work than replacing the entire pump. I have a spa, round about 5 feet diameter. Youll need to replace the drain plugs to do this.

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