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    Definitely worth five stars. I will never get those images out of my head. The Slob by Aron Beauregard is the epitome of good Extreme Horror. He's been writing horror since the 6th grade when his parents discovered a short story titled "Zombie Child" wedged in the back pocket of his dirty acid-washed jeans. We should stop thinking its acceptable to put this type of media out there without censorship. Everything seems to be going well for her, the nastiness that was her childhood a distant memory until a door-to-door salesman inadvertently changes her life forever. But then again, there isnt much outside of the extreme horror scenes. But will the faint light shes chasing shine through the darkness or will she be left cleaning up another gruesome mess? face at my kindle. $$('.authorBlogPost .body img').each(function(img) { Faced with the prospect of her unborn baby falling victim to The Slob, she has mental images of staging a birthday party or bicycle-riding lesson for a pile of mangled fetal tissue. After a chance encounter led to her being held captive in a disgusting house of horrors, she fought tooth and nail to escape the clutches of a man known only as The Slob. Needless to say, his parents were not thrilled by this tale and rather than acknowledging his creative genius, suspected he might be a budding serial killer. Or if he couldnt stop them, maybe he could at least find a way to pacify them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This isnt like Chuck Palahniuks smartly written and graphic Guts a short story that caused people to faint from the horror at book readings. There were multiple descriptors and scenes that made me have to look away from the words because I was getting nauseous, and the ending was the icing on the cake. I legitimately threw up in my mouth reading it and didnt even bother to finish after the gay men made their appearance. Vera employs the same tone of voice to describe the horrors within his home: Figuring out what was connected to what was hardly as simple as the childrens song so many of us knew by heart. I guess weve all got our things, but I know which Id rather be . Hes been writing horror since the 6th grade when his parents discovered a short story titled Zombie Child wedged in the back pocket of his dirty acid-washed jeans. Synopsis. I didnt expect an evocative, impactful, wrenching tale that mirrors how society treats people who are different, but Aron Beauregard has evolved int an author who will break your heart while turning your stomach. Amazon recommended it to me based on reading Tender is the Flesh and Things Have Been Worse Since We Last Spoke; neither of which come close to how graphic this work is and I went in completely unprepared. If you're a mother like me, you will immediately know when you read it which part I'm referring to. I expected a gruesome and graphic story, and I got it. //

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